Friday, 25 August 2017

Numeracy Reflection T3W5

Kia Ora Lovely People!!!!
This Week for numeracy we have been working on simplifying fractions. I have made a DLO showing my learning! Just try not to get distracted by the background (AGAIN). Here is my slide!


  1. Kia Ora Megan, Kyra here!

    I like this post about numeracy because you have a DLO on your blog. I also like the humor that you put in your reflection. Did you learn anything like how to add or subtract fractions?

    This reminds me of my Numeracy that we did in W5 (we did the same things anyways). I also do like your color-changing background!

    Maybe next time you could say what you found easy, hard, fun or something you are going to next time (NSL). I find adding or subtracting different denominators.

    Great work!

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  3. Kia Ora Megan! I really like your DLO here, I think it looks fabulous! Maybe next time you could change the font so some of us could read it better. :)

  4. Hi Mark M here for St Pats.. I really like how you explained how you can work this out maybe next time you could make a video and make it it a bit longer also maybe make the writing bigger.
    Mark M.


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