Friday, 18 August 2017

Numeracy Reflection T3 W4

This week for numeracy I have made a slideshow about what I have done in Numeracy This week. We have been focusing on fractions, Maybe next term it will be decimals! Here is my work!
(try not to get distracted by the background)

Friday, 4 August 2017

T3 W2 Numeracy Reflection

This week for numeracy We have been learning about capacity. I have made a presentation about capacity. I used google drawings for this. I think this task was easy to do but i could improve the words. Me and Angelina have also made a video but we can put it on our blogs! Here is my work.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Literacy Reflection T3W1

This week for literacy we have been asked by our teacher "what is Art?". So we all made a presentation explaining what art is. I think art could be anything really. Comment what you think art is and see if anyone has the same answer. Just think about it art could be ANYTHING!! Here is my work.

Numeracy Reflection T3W1

This week for numeracy we have been looking at Volume, Capacity and mass. I have mainly been looking at Volume so I have made a presentation about it for my blog this week. Mass is like measuring weight, capacity is the amount the thing can hold, volume is the amount of liquid or anything that is inside of the container. So here is my Work. (Please comment feedback)

Thursday, 6 July 2017

END OF TERM 2!!!!!!

OK lets just say this term has been AMAZING! 
I Would Like you to comment what you are going to do in the holidays. I think my goal for next term is to stay on task at least 90% of the time. 

So this term we have signed up to a website called read theory. It is a site where it gives you a story to read then you have to answer questions about the story. Here is some images!

My favorite piece of work is our fast write! Me and heaps of other people made a game/slide. You can play it if you want. Here it is!

I hope you have a great holiday. See you next term!!

Happy B-day Adi and Kristian!!!!! 
ᵔᴥᵔ   ≧◡≦  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ  *:・゚✧

Friday, 30 June 2017

Numeracy Reflection T2 W9

This week for Numeracy I have been working on our goals and statistical investigations. For one of my goals I made a slide about 4 digit Subtraction. I think the presentation could be better. Here is My work.

Literacy Reflection T2W9

This week for writing we have been doing speeches! I LOVE SPEECHES!! I am doing my speech on the school production (which I am in). I won't share my speech with you though because that will spoil it for my class.

This week for reading Group 2 (my group) have read Mrs Wildings Potatoes. This book is about a old lady called Mrs Wilding who has a great garden. She asked the boys to help her with a bag of compost. But the boys were in a hurry to meet a new all black. They helped Mrs Wilding but Corban (the all black) had all ready arrived. He answered  questions but did not sign balls. The boys were bummed out that the old lady held them up. Read the journal to find out what happens next!

Word work
Since we have been doing speeches this week we were working on strong words. Strong Words are words that make your writing better. We picked 8 words to use in out speech and we had to find out the meanings of them. Here is my work!