Friday, 23 June 2017

Literacy Reflection T2W8

Word Work
This week for Word Work I have done origins, meanings and sentences. I think I could work on the presentation and make it a bit more interesting. Other than that I think I did fine.

This Week for writing we had to write a description about a member of our family. I chose my Granddad who has passed last week. I think I could write more about him. Here is my work.
This week for reading we read a story called Katie's Mum. It is about a girl called Katie and her mum comes to school and tells the class a story. Katie is worried about her mum embarrass her at school but all her friends! Here is My DLO.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Literacy Reflection T2W7

This week for writing we wrote a description about Miss Reissmann our NEW teacher! I think I could add in more F.A.N.B.O.Y.S. and Conjunctions. I loved doing this task and next week we are describing a family member so I'm going to do my Granddad. So here it is! All so comment who you would describe!! 

This week for reading we have done a book summary about the book Leave. I liked this book because it was really Sweet. I could add in more words next time. Here it is!

Friday, 9 June 2017

Literacy Reflection T2W6

Word Work
This week for Word work I am Going to share my Sentences. I have done some silly and some interesting. I think it was hard to come up with the sentences. I think next time I could use better punctuation. Here is my word work sentences.

This week for reading we have read a book called Leave. It is about a girl called Jade and her Mum had to go to the army. Jades Mum needed her hat to go to the army so Jade hid the hat under the hedge so her Mum had to stay home. Jades Mum left without it though. Sorry I dont have a picture but if you could please leave a comment if you have read this book/journal. 

Power Writing
This week for power writing Angelina and I have listed the best animals in the world you can leave a comment if you have a favorite animal. Here it is!

Friday, 2 June 2017

Numeracy Reflection T2W5

This week for numeracy I have done some maths equations in my book. They are addition equations (142+76=) I have also done some work on maths buddy. I think this task was a bit easy. Here is my work.

Literacy Reflection T2W5

Word Work
This week for word work I have done silly sentences, origins and meanings. I think my presentation could be better. Here it is. 

Power Writing
This week for power writing I wrote a story about a kid called Joey and he goes to the dairy and he meets his Granddad who has cancer.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Numeracy Reflection T2W3

This week for numeracy we have been doing tasks on maths buddy. I have like 6 overdue tasks but I will do it for home learning. I think the hardest task was the subtraction because I did not understand how I was meant to do it. Here is my screenshot.

Literacy Reflection T2W3

WALT:word work
 For word work I have done the meanings, origins and sentences. I am most proud of my origins. I think i have done a Great job with my layout. Here is a Link to a website to get cool themes for your slides! Here is my word work!

WALT: Writing
This week for writing we have been doing a book advertisement.  I have only managed to do my plan. I think It was really easy but I could of used more describing words. Here is My work!